Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Viaur Valley with our Old Camper

Just back from a 3 day trip out in our very old camper van to the Viaur Valley. Beautiful campsite by the river at Lagarde Viaur. Great little break - hard to believe it's only an hour and a half from home!

 Did an 11klm walk up one side of the river and back along the otherside
 Loads of brambles to be had on the way
 Well this makes our camper look very modern :)
 Beautiful wooded walkways
 Our old camper
 On the campsite 10 paces from our camper
 Blow and make a wish
Beautiful but very invasive Japanese Knotwood
 Glorious situation this house has
 Happy sheep
 Saw several Herons on the walk


MaryE said...

WoW! what a perfect place, did you camp in an actual site or was this photo of wild camping? It just looks so private, the walk was spectacular, I bet you coolled off in that lovely lake. I think this was another fantastic holiday. Was it a local place or further afield? Mary xx

Chrissie Marshall said...

Yes Mary it was an actual campsite, almost end of season so not very busy There are several walks and this was one of the shorter, did not feel like attempting the 19klm one as it was way to hot. The lake was fabulous and perfect for cooling off. It is only 1.5hrs from our house and felt like you were stepping back in time.xx

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