Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Window Shopping on Pinterest

Really beginning to like Pinterest as it's so easy to use and I love making different boards up. I went window shopping today and these are now on my wish list. My favourite item is the trousers at the bottom of the page,bet they swing beautifully when you walk.


Suzy said...

I love the trousers!
I am currently on a waiting list for pinterest. I cannot wait to start!
Thanks for sharing!

Coopy said...

LOVE THE CAPE JACKET.... gorgeous.

Okay your cracking me up with this giveaway. You must fly with your fingers on public social places. hehehhe. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU to win.


Chrissie Marshall said...

Suzy you dont need an invite now dm me on twitter with your email

Oh goodie Tammy,you just reminded me,must pop over and say a few words

Mystica said...

Swishy trousers!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh man Chrissie, you and I have the same taste in clothing and the same fashion style! I love EVERYTHING on your wish list xD

Especially those pants at the bottom!

Chrissie Marshall said...

whoo hoo I think I am flattered given I could be your great great aunt.But these trews or (breeks) as we would call them in Scotland are just sublime. Or maybe just your nana!!!! :)

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