Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bow Haircomb Tutorial + Giveaway

I was recently asked to make a bow haircomb similar to the one above for a bridesmaid  and thought that you might like to try one for yourself. You dont need much in way of material but silk or chiffon I find works best. I used a vintage dupont slubbed silk for this one.

You will need
Material scraps
1 clear haircomb
pair of scissors
needle & thread to match your material
and a cute button

ok,  cut out two pieces of material 24cm x12cm - ( 9" x 5"),  and one piece 9cm x 5cm (3.5" x 2") fold the two large pieces of material in half length ways so they both look like this, with the fold at the bottom.
Then using matching thread ( I used black here so you can see it easier) tack all the way round but don't cut of the thread as you will need it again in a minute. Pull the thread with the needle still attached  and gather until you get it to look like a petal:
Now stitch back through from one end to the other until the petal is as tight as you can get it, you can adjust the pleats as you go, repeat this with your second strip.

 Place the two halves together back to back and stitch together making sure they are secure.
Take your small piece of material and fold the top and bottom half to the middle and then fold again so you have a strip that measures 15mm (1/2").
Place this central over the two pieces you lovingly stitched together earlier and then turn over and tuck one side under and keep it tight and then stitch to secure.
Nearly done all you have to do now is add your cute button to the centre band and then attach this to your  haircomb and there you have it. I added a beautiful little rhinestone vintage button to finish.

Now that I have put this together this with the black thread I won't sell it and I have no intention of unpicking it all to start again. So here's the plan.

If you would like to have this for yourself or for a friend. All you have to do is this.
1.Follow my blog and then tell me why you would like it for yourself and where would you wear it, and if for a friend, why you think they would like it.

Now how easy is that? I will run this for a week (ends on  the 24th May).If nobody enters for it I  guess I might have to take the black stitches out afterall, save me the trouble please, I don't like unpicking:) I will choose the best story. If you do decide to make one I would love to see it.
ps: the black stiches will not be seen when worn, just thought I would mention that.

Just made this one with organza this time and doubled the layers. The second set of petals I made the same length and reduced the width by 15mm (1/2") so it would sit inside the other.


melissa moyse said...

this is beautiful! your so creative!

carrad said...

I would love this for my little Jasmine because she is cute as a button and you did say that you needed a cute button! xxx

Krishenka said...

Thank you Melissa :) appreciate that. Carolyn I have seen your Jasmine and she is indeed very very cute but I think I would have to make her a smaller one, how old is she 4/5?

Mystica said...

A pretty one for my daughter please!

Rainbow Skyhawk said...

My granddaughter wants something I've made...this would be perfect!

Curtis said...

I think my girlfriend would love to win a bow wear in her hair. She has somewhat of an addiction to bows, pretty flowers and accessories to wear in her hair. I approve of all of it because i think theyre cute on her pretty head. Thanks for reading :D

Krishenka said...

Hi Rainbow oh I would love to see it if you do make one. If your g/daughter is under 10 I would shorten the bow in length a little as this one is adult size.

Krishenka said...

Hi Curtis how sweet and romantic and thank you for entering.

The very thought of you Vintage said...

Hello! I would love this beautiful bow. I am always looking for stuff to wear when I want to feel glamorous. especially when I need a little pick me up after a long week of work. My daughter loves when I make bows for her too. She likes to wear them to school because she likes the attention. When I buy her bows/headbands I buy handmade. She appreciates them more and the fact that they are unique fits in with her budding fashionista image..... Very Beautiful and keep up the good work.

Krishenka said...

Thank you Vintage pop back in tomorrow and find out who the winner is:) Good story too

Krishenka said...

Ok the winner is Curtis and hope your girlfriend loves it. Thanks everyone for entering and look out for my next giveaway coming soon. 5 winners on this one:)

Curtis said...

OMG thank you so much :D this is the first giveaway ive ever won and my girlfriend (liz) is very content. If you can email me i can reply to you back with my details.
Mystical_curtis (at) hotmail (dot) com

Krishenka said...

Liz should receive her haircomb any day now Curtis

Must see Deliverance from Addiction said...

This is so easy to make.I'll be making this for my sister who loves collecting hair accessories.

Chrissie Marshall said...

Would love to see it when you make one, sure your sister will be delighted with it.

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