Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pootling Along the Canal Du Midi

Less than 2 hours from home is the Canal Du Midi,so we put the bikes on the back of the camper and arrived late morning, light lunch and then headed off on the bikes along the canal which is perfect for cycling as the path is flat with long straight stretches with just enough corner turns that make you want to see what is round the next corner. There are 91 working locks  along it's 240klm course and Louis XIV ordered work to begin on the canal in 1667 and has been hailed as "Most remarkable feats of Civil Engineering"

Sadly the 42,000 beautiful plane trees that were planted in the 1830s have developed a fungus and so far over 13,850 trees have been felled and burnt on the spot, trees are being replanted but will take many years for them to look as spectacular as they do today. All in all a great little break.

 Not a selfie I might add
 you could cycle along the paths for a long as your butt didn't object, did about 12klms  and had a gel seat to stop any aches, worked a treat too.

Cassoulet is great but not in the summer

 Boat entering lock
Gates close and it's fascinating watching the boat rise
Up she comes
 and away she goes

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Flower seller of Aleppo

When you look at this sad story it reminds you of how grateful we should be and how there's people in these countries that have almost nothing but are less worried than we are. May he R.I.P and may he find the best of flowers in heaven.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Viaur Valley with our Old Camper

Just back from a 3 day trip out in our very old camper van to the Viaur Valley. Beautiful campsite by the river at Lagarde Viaur. Great little break - hard to believe it's only an hour and a half from home!

 Did an 11klm walk up one side of the river and back along the otherside
 Loads of brambles to be had on the way
 Well this makes our camper look very modern :)
 Beautiful wooded walkways
 Our old camper
 On the campsite 10 paces from our camper
 Blow and make a wish
Beautiful but very invasive Japanese Knotwood
 Glorious situation this house has
 Happy sheep
 Saw several Herons on the walk

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Half Way through August

I love sitting with a glass of wine and listening to the water fall on the stones
 Second flowering of my only Delphinium, hoping for more next year
Belle du Jour such a lovely sweet scented two tone flower
 Needed to make a curtain to try and keep the heat at bay, worked fine but if windy looks like I have just hung out my washing.
 A new tote for my shop
 A  Holly Blue Butterfly, impossible to catch in flight to show the intense blue
Well this is a fabric that by choice I would never have chosen in a month of Sunday's. My sons choice for his camper.
 And another for the shop, although very tempted to keep just for me
Yes one for me just for a change
 A very long scarf
Penstemon seems to be a dwarf this year, last year it was twice the height, still very pretty.
A very Tweet Apron on it's way to meet it's new owner

And a delicious on the comb chunk of honey from my neighbour. I nearly added have a good weekend and then realised it's only Tuesday.... duh!!! but wishing you a Happy Weekend when it comes. xx

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Felted Art To Wear "Fairy Lamp" Giveaway- Worlwide

I was again delighted when Inken from FeltedArtToWear contacted me to host yet another of her fabulous giveaways, one of my lovely followers will win a stunning  Fairy Lamp  hand-felted from Merino wool using the wet felt and needle technique. The Lamp  will be custom made by Inken and will take approx 3 to 4 weeks to complete, the winner can also choose the main colour they would like, these are  valued at £55 ($82) (€64).

This giveaway is open worldwide and will be run via rafflecopter and  very easy to enter. Could not resist adding just a few more samples of Inken's beautiful and very creative work, so after you have finished drooling over these beauties, time to enter, get ready, set, go.  You can gain extra points by re-tweeting/sharing.

You can purchase direct from  "FeltedArtToWear" from today until the 31st August using the code "THANKYOU10" where you will receive a 10% discount from any item in her shop at the checkout.

Good luck.... and a huge thanks to Inken for such a gorgeous giveaway. Oh before you go would you (pretty please) hit the google + button. aw thank you I knew you would x

Felted Hot Water bottle covers

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, July 16, 2016


 First Lavender wands ready to go
 A visit from my girlfriend Francoise and her firat ever lavender wand make
 More sachets to restock 
 A beauty cross stitch present from Francoise
 all ready
 blurry Ivy
 Stormy weather
 Before and after, got bored with the wicker look
 Tada, one down 2 to go
 and just a few more cushion
 Plant Verbena and watch the butterflies dance
 Delicious mushrooms from my neighbours
Lillies were huge this year
and of course my cat B likes her picture to be taken
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